Transferendum. Your Language Department.


We provide high-quality translation services to an ever-expanding client list. We work with both the private and public sector: we serve all sizes of business at the local, national, and global level; and we work with all levels of government in numerous countries and municipalities. We have been doing it for a long time and have earned a great reputation over the years working in over 200 languages.


Interpreting services and interpreters are the foundation of the language industry. Providing the ability for people who speak different languages to effectively communicate and understand each other is the basis of all services we provide. Interpreting has such a wide and, sometimes, complex application to daily life that we have had to become very inventive in the way be provide the service.

Localization (L18n)

Localization is a special service consisting of equal-parts translation and consultation. Translation alone will not make allowance for the nuance of cultural and target group differences from one market to the next. Here, using highly trained native speakers, we are better able to evaluate and make direct recommendations to improve the receptivity to your product, service or content.