English Test 2


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Section 1 - Grammar/Vocabulary Test


There are 25 multiple choice questions in this section. Please choose the correct answers to the questions.


Sam … Jeans.

The U2 … playing in 1976.

I … to Carnival in Rio last year

I … in Rome for five years now.

John and Kit, … missed the test yesterday, are here today.

Section 2 -Reading and Comprehension:


Choose the correct word/expression below to complete the text.  

The language, Hawaiian Creole, was invented through necessity. In 1880, thousands of immigrants from Europe and Asia went to work for the English-speaking owners of sugar plantations in Hawaii. Among all the other challenges these immigrants (1) _____, the most

(2) _______ was to understand each other, to understand their bosses, and to understand the Hawaiian people. To these immigrants, other ethnic groups must have sounded as if they were (3) ______. After a short time, they were able to (4) _____ some English, but barely enough to communicate. Instead, they (5) _____ body language and a simple code of sounds.